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Your host server is running version Unrealircd 3.2.6 +DS mods
IP Address: ports: 6660 - 6669,7000, 9999

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For the rules and more details, please refer to the server information by typing /RULES and /MOTD

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A little about and

The Deepspace Internet Relay Chat network is a family oriented network, which strives to provide a safe chat environment for people of all ages and disabilities.

Deepspace was formed out of the need to have a safe, stable, comfortable place to chat with others of all ages, views and backgrounds from around the world. Deepspace is uniquely different than other irc network. We are a disability network that caters to the disabled their family and friends. Deepspace and Aquarius accommodate and welcome clients with disabilities of any type. Our net is designed to accept and accommodate these users with special coding in our services and ircd's to allow for screen readers and special software used by our chatters. We currently have registered channels for Retinitis Pigmentosa Usher's Syndrome, Autism, Asperger, and Lupus.

Deepspace and Aquarius promotes a good, wholesome chat environment where all users are made to feel welcome and not be harassed by other users. We highly regard all users and would like to convey the need for good conduct and courtesy. Deepspace provides a family atmosphere, where all ages are gladly received and can be assured of a pleasant chat environment.

Deepspace is a family network. Please refrain from using illicit nicknames, channel names or channel topics. This includes, but is not limited to any words, channels, or topics considered immoral, erotic, X-rated, pornographic, or sexual in nature. Deepspace and Aquarius does not condone or promote any obtrusive online activity that may be considered harassment of other users.

Deepspace and Aquarius reserves the right to deny the use of any nickname, channel name or channel topic.

By connecting to IRC network or any server associated with IRC network, you agree to the terms and conditions posted at:

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